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  • Off track

    I ran to the National Stadium track today to do a run at race pace. I’m only aiming for 3:30 for the Bagan Marathon, which equates to 2 minute laps at the track (except track pace is probably faster than real life pace, especially if Bagan is all sand) but given how out of training […]

  • Riding tired and Baby Power

    Today was a public holiday in Singapore, (it was Hari Raya yesterday, so unless you had particularly unenlightened management, you got Monday off) and to celebrate somebody had organised a big cloud of haze to float in. Fortunately for me, I had another spinning class booked at 7cycle, so I could get some exercise without […]

  • Misfit Shine

    A big FedEx padded envelope arrived today, containing a very small black box. Finally, months after I’d paid to their Indiegogo campaign, Misfit had shipped me a Shine, perhaps the most minimalist gadget I’ve ever purchased.

  • A new phone at last

    Yesterday I bought a new phone, after suffering my Blackberry and its vile construction quality for the last 15 months. As I’ve earlier written about my desire to disappoint and enrage myself, I didn’t go the easy route of buying an iPhone like everyone else, but instead got a Lumia 920. I did this for […]