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  • Quiet night in

    My wife is out enjoying herself with human beings that don’t merely treat her as a milk receptacle, my child is sound asleep in her room, and I’m on the sofa, furiously hammering away on my laptop, trying to catch up with work. It’s strange that I can get more stuff done at home when […]

  • Wrinkle free in Chicago

    I don’t know why, but Groupon thinks I live in Chicago, and today emailed me with an offer for cut-price Botox. If you’re in the market for discounted injections of botulism into your face, I wonder what else you might buy – buy one, get one free anthrax shots in your buttocks? A volume discount […]

  • The joy of socks

    Today I bought a pair of socks on Groupon, for forty dollars. Yeah, I love the bargains, that’s right.