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  • Back to Perth

    This morning I had to conduct an interview and then spend time chasing up an appointment for my MRI, so I worked from home, planning to go straight to the airport. But then at the last moment I found I had to go to the office, so I somewhat frantically packed the last things into […]

  • On habits

    Last week, I tried to inculcate some small habits. Every morning when I woke up, I’d rub my legs with the endlessly uncomfortable Stick, to reduce knots in my muscles. When I went to the shower, I’d do ten squats to strengthen my legs, and after breakfast, I’d speak some Spanish to our daughter.

  • Better habits

    Today I signed up for Tinyhabits, which is intended to inculcate better habit formation. "Habits" often has negative connotations, but if you can train yourself to do good things without having to concentrate on them, you can drive consistent gains over the long term. Every additional slight improvement you make to yourself gradually results in […]

  • In The Mouth Of Meetings

    My dentist told me,I had to floss; until this year, this was something I only ever did in the most half-hearted way, but now, growing older and more aware of my impending obsolescence, I finally began in earnest. It’s strange; I didn’t feel as though it made much of a difference, but when I failed […]