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  • On my head

    Today I went to work in a 23 year old Motorhead tshirt and a pair of shorts, forgetting I had to go out for a client meeting today. In fact, a meeting at my old employer’s office, where I used to be suited and booted every day, and instead arrived looking like a badly dressed […]

  • Nothing to write home about

    I woke with the same migraine I fell asleep to last night, and spent the morning either asleep, or retching over the toilet. Until this year I’d not had a migraine for a very long time, but it seems that travelling to Bangkok gives me throbbing, nauseating headaches that pin me to my bed like […]

  • And back again

    I think it’s the travel that does it. I felt mildly rotten the whole time I was in Bangkok and that didn’t abate after I’d flown home. I went to the office for meetings and then the wife and kids came to pick me up, and i struggled home with them. After two days without […]

  • Putting out a shingle

    For the last three days, I’ve woken with a terrible headache, a lancing pain from the top of my head exiting somewhere in my upper jaw, and my left eye has been progressively sorer and sorer. To begin with, I assumed this was a bad hangover, but dosing with more gin, less gin or no […]