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  • At the park

    The great thing about jet lag is the way it’s affected La Serpiente. Or rather, the best thing for me, being selfish and lazy, is that it’s affected her by making her go to sleep super easily. OK, we have to stay up until 9 in the evening to put her to bed because it’s […]

  • Adler’s Hostel

    In dire need of ice cream, I slunk out of the flat at 8pm, almost took a wrong turn and fell 21 floors to my certain doom, but luckily checked myself before I wrecked myself, and took the lift down instead. Then I walked up South Bridge Road to Adler’s, a hostel in the middle […]

  • An afternoon out

    Most weekends in Singapore, I don’t really do much, apart from sleep, to recover from the week. That’s not very satisfying, so today I forced myself to get off the sofa and go outside.

  • Yelling

    Our baby is apparently going through sleep regression, which is when a baby sleeps less than it used to. This is perfectly normal, just as it’s perfectly normal for a child’s parents to be more harried and worn out than usual, as their previously cooperative baby decides to wake up and yell at them more […]