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  • A rage amid the haze

    I went for a run this morning, taking it easy after the weekend. My watch went a bit mad, reporting that I’d done a kilometre in under two minutes. I know I’ve been increasing my training, but I didn’t think it had made that much of a difference already. It’s still quite hazy at the […]

  • The joy of socks

    Today I bought a pair of socks on Groupon, for forty dollars. Yeah, I love the bargains, that’s right.

  • Hang the telephone

    We signed a two year contract with Starhub in Singapore, for our internet connection, our phone (which inexplicably stopped working after two weeks; Starhub told us the problem was our handset, which was odd, as it had worked perfectly well for the first two weeks), and our cable television (which we watched once, in March […]

  • Desperately Seeking …

    I’m being pursued by Chinese girls who want serious relationships. At least that’s what the internet keeps telling me. Sometimes I see their names, from the almost-plausibly-named Sue to Rebecca to Louise, each name slightly more inappropriate for the picture it captions than the one before. I’m sure I saw "Bert" from Wuhan last week, […]