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  • Forever And A Day

    I read Anthony Dershowitz’ Trigger Mortis, a sequel to Goldfinger where James Bond unequivocally does not get Pussy Galore, at the start of 2017. In the mood for a bit more retro-Bond action, I downloaded Forever And A Day, a prequel to Casino Royale.

  • Trigger Mortis

    Trigger Mortis is the latest James Bond novel, published in 2015, and picked up in paperback by me in Singapore at the tail end of 2016. It’s got: (and at least some of these are problematic, unless you lived under a rock/hated feminism/assumed anyone not 100% heterosexual and male and British is clearly some sort […]

  • Spectre

    I was very excited to see Spectre, so I booked tickets for me and my wife to see it in full IMAX, although because of show times I ended up going to the Jurong cinema, in the middle of nowhere, next to an ice rink. It felt like this was the smallest IMAX I’d ever […]