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  • Eric Clapton and my daughter

    This evening I played a video on YouTube of Eric Clapton playing "Bad Love", a horrendous tune from 1990. It has Eric Clapton with floppy hair and a terrible moustache plugging away on his guitar, to a tune I never knee I hadn’t forgotten. I was driven to do this by reading today’s Scary Go […]

  • Mwaaaah

    My daughter’s two new words today were "honey" and "mop". La Serpiente Aquatica Negra keeps pronouncing new vocabulary. Only last week she wasn’t saying "elbow" and now she’s progressing through body parts. She’s understood these for a long time (I was getting her to point to her eyes, chin, shoulders and feet a long time […]

  • A kick to the nuts

    After work today, I met my parents and my sister at the hotel where they’re staying. La Serpiente Aquatica Negra had been visiting them and making good use of their swimming pool, but she still had plenty of energy left over to run around the foyer of the hotel and fall flat on her face. […]

  • Spanish Tenses

    Tonight I tried to do some work on my Spanish verb conjugations, and bathe the baby. I didn’t quite get to the giddy heights of declaiming "Nosotros hablamos espaƱol" while washing our child’s hair, but the baby is marginally cleaner, and I think I’ve got the different versions of the present tense for regular Spanish […]