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  • Of combs and lifts

    Yesterday I bought a fine tooth comb, and I have to say, what a fine comb it is too. The combination of probably too much hair conditioner, plus combing my hair with the magical comb, has given me a new, much suaver aspect. I suppose anything would have looked suaver than the broken mess that […]

  • Angered by lifts

    My right ear is bunged up at the moment. I went to see the doctor today (it seems minor, but with a long journey to the US at the weekend, I want to eliminate as much physical infirmity as possible) and as part of the diagnosis, he pointed out that I lived on the 21st […]

  • Transport of delights

    Today was another tough day for sleep; I hit the snooze button at six and got up at seven, feeling vaguely dreadful, then had to go in early for an eight-thirty call at work. I was in such a rush that I didn’t get to have any coffee until nine-thirty, when I had to trudge […]