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  • Trains and national character

    Today I was up in London at the office, near Warren Street tube. I had a good day, met lots of people, learned different things, and then in the evening headed down to the Tube to get back to Victoria. The train jerked to a half five seconds after it began to pull out of […]

  • The World According To Danny Dyer

    It hardly needs to be said that The World According To Danny Dyer is a strange book. I thought it was strange and I’d finished it last week, just before I went on the tramadol. Heaven knows what it would have been like if I’d read it while under the influence. (It’s strange enough writing […]

  • Natural History and Unnatural Fear

    We took the girls to South Kensington today to visit a museum. I’d have liked to have gone to the V&A, but a collection of priceless ceramics is not the best place for two small girls who want to run and jump as much as they can. The Science Museum is the furthest from the […]

  • Cold start

    London in winter is grey and wet and miserable. As I walked from Paddington to Oxford Circus this morning I could hardly imagine how I’d coped with living there when I was younger. But I was younger then, and dumber, or not aware of any other way to be. Now, softened by exposure to tropical […]

  • The Surprising Bliss Of Tottenham Court Road

    Tonight I walked down to the Tottenham Court Road Tube station, which I was very impressed by. Long ago (well, a few years) Tottenham Court Road was horrendous: a series of cramped ticket barriers jammed together in a low ceilinged hall, with exits that spat you out into the miserable end of Oxford Street. Transport […]

  • Not wanting to go to work

    I realise that I really, really hate commuting. In Singapore, if I leave the office at six, ten minutes later I’m home and able to play with the kids before their baths, and everyone is happy. Or La Serpiente is screaming “Daddeeee” and trying to eat my beard, which is the same thing. In London, […]

  • Viva Cafe Espana?

    Tonight I met an old friend for dinner in Soho. We went to a tapas restaurant on Old Compton Street that had been good ten years ago. Unfortunately…

  • How late it was, how late

    Yesterday, as well as reading about terrible things in Croydon, we took La Serpiente Aquatica Negra back to Horniman’s Museum to remind her what the walrus looks like: It’s almost two years since she first met the walrus​ but she seemed to be quite happy to be reacquainted with him. (Her? The gender of the […]

  • Kingsman

    This evening we went to see Kingsman, the latest collaboration between Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn. Just like Kick-Ass, there’s hyper-violent scenes played a bit too much for humourous effect. My wife laughed uproariously throughout these, which makes me a little bit concerned. Because I don’t like people making noise when I’m watching films in […]

  • The King In Yellow, returned again

    Coming back to Singapore was a lot was easier than going out. For a start, instead of a decrepit 747, the plane on the way back was a nice new 777, with an entertainment system that didn’t crap out after 90 minutes. That’s more than you could say for me; I watched the end of […]