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  • Hungover Saturday

    My wife didn’t get in until very late last night, which left me up late worrying about salsa-related shenanigans, and just to prove low crime is not no crime, somebody had stolen her phone, which meant they’d also stolen her credit card and her ID card. The credit card is the easiest to stop, but […]

  • Getting close to the end of the year

    Various unrelated things have happened in the last couple of days, although I suppose they’re related by virtue of all happening to me. Nothing is ever truly arbitrary.

  • Sweaty nights and lost shoes

    This evening I went for a run. That was the first time I’ve been running in two weeks, and the first time in Singapore in a lot longer. I could only do this with help from my family – La Serpiente Aquatica Negra went to sleep in less than 5 minutes last night, after a […]

  • Misfit Shine (on you crazy diamond)

    Three months and seven days ago, our Misfit Shine was delivered. I think it’s the coolest fitness monitoring gadget on the market right now – unlike the plasticky bracelets of the Fitbit and the Fuelband, it’s an apparently featureless, anodised metal disc, like some sort of alien artefact. My wife was very pleased with it: […]