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  • Lovecraft Country

    This week I read Lovecraft Country, a book with a Lovecraftian bent, although it was more the Lovecraft of The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward, crossed with the Horror at Red Hook, than The Call Of Cthulhu or The Colour Out Of Space. I picked it up at random from the “fresh returns” section at […]

  • The Ballad Of Black Tom

    I finished The Ballad Of Black Tom this evening, after putting the kids to bed. It’s a rare Lovecraftian story that has a happy ending, and the most positive we can say of this one is that the protagonist defenestrates himself, rather than having his mind eaten by eldritch horrors.

  • That Which Should Not Be

    Among the things I brought back from Seattle (a bib, a bottle of gin, some cough medicine) was a book of mind rending terror, That Which Should Not Be. Or at least, the blurb suggested it would be a work capable of instilling fear in the most jaded heart. Sadly, they lied.