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  • Correct chopeing etiquette

    In Singapore, you reserve tables in food courts by putting a small worthless item, like a packet of tissues, on the table and then wandering off to get your food. I find this a bit annoying, although the person I discussed this with on the way to lunch today thought it was great, but he […]

  • For a more comfortable journey, ask for a courtesy sticker

    You can now ask for a courtesy sticker when you’re riding on the MRT in Singapore, so people will realise you need assistance and will make room for you, give up their place when they’re sitting in the reserved seating and they’re less pregnant/elderly/injured than you are. Which is a strange thing, because I doubt […]

  • Politeness doesn’t have to be taxing

    My 2012 income tax assessment from the Singapore authorities came through today, and while I never feel exceptionally joyful when I get a bill, today’s notice was ameliorated by the message underneath the required amount. You wouldn’t receive a notice from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs thanking you for helping to maintain the United Kingdom’s […]