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  • Another early start

    I don’t know how I dragged myself from my bed at 5 am, but somehow I managed it, and went off for a 21 km run. This became a never-ending grind; the first 10k or so wasn’t so bad, and then it got worse with every step, my heel injury playing up from about 17k […]

  • Marathon training – week 9 of 14 – half measures

    I ran 6 hours longer this week than I did the previous week. Unfortunately, I was meant to run ten hours longer than I did last week, so we’re not exactly perfect at this point.

  • Marathon training – week 8 of 14 – the week my heart skipped

    Last week was lamentable; I didn’t run once for the whole seven days. Now, that was partly because I lost a day stuck at the airport, and because I was at a conference for the rest of the week, and on a plane for 17 hours from Friday morning through til Saturday evening, but still […]

  • Marathon training – week 7 of 14 – the halfway point

    This was always going to be one of those weeks where the wheels might fall off. Usually when I fly to a different country, my running goes completely to pieces, so though I was only clocking about half the intended load, I’m still fairly content with the outcome. First, let’s talk about all that red.

  • Marathon training – week 6 of 14 (too much too young)

    I ended last week by slacking off and not doing my long Sunday run. That left me unexpectedly fresh on Monday, so when I went to the track I ran (in epically wet conditions) a surprisingly consistent set of 400m repeats. Pretty much every lap was under 1:25, and they were almost all within a […]