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  • Birthdays

    For lunch today I went to Renn Thai in Clark Quay, to celebrate a co-worker’s thirtieth birthday. Conversation moved to discussing how she’d spent her twentieth birthday, and I almost blurted out that I’d spent mine in Oxford, wearing a not-particularly flattering blue dress at a party on Cowley Road. I’m glad I didn’t say […]

  • The Great Gatsby

    I couldn’t sleep last night. To begin with, that was because my brain was buzzing from watching Grabbers. Then it was because a massive, house-shaking storm came into Singapore and between the thunder and the lightning and the constant rain, there was no way I was going to get to sleep. So I took the […]

  • Remembrance Of Beards Past

    Today I went to the barber to get my beard and moustache trimmed. My moustache had grown so bushy that it wasn’t just beginning to cover my top lip: it was starting to get stuck in my teeth. Simple things like drinking soup or kissing my wife were becoming rather uncomfortable, and this was after […]