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  • Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor

    While in the States, I bought some new toys for myself, including a Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor. That’s a long and imposing name for what could be more easily called a Magic Invisible Monitor Cable. But then Microsoft have never been famous for catchy marketing.

  • A power cut leads to self-reflection

    As I lay on the sofa, reading the first chapter of The Luminaries, there was a pop, like a balloon bursting, but quieter, and all the lights in the house went out. The room was still illuminated by the glow of the television, and for a moment I stayed on the sofa, surprised that the […]

  • More spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets

    It’s been a few weeks since I started playing around with Google Spreadsheets, as an alternative to Microsoft Excel. What’s odd is how, when Google is about all things touch screen, and Microsoft’s heritage is in computers with real keyboards and mice, that Excel feels more suitable for a touchscreen. ‘Twasn’t always so.

  • The joy of spreadsheets

    All my life, it seems I’m staring at spreadsheets. Mostly, that means Microsoft Excel. In 2007 Microsoft radically changed the appearance and menus of Excel (cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth) and I began to wonder if I should use something else. Familarity breeds contempt, after all. Conversely, lots of people who use one […]

  • Head down and focused

    I didn’t feel completely ship-shape this morning, but after I’d got to work, drunk some coffee and been productive, I felt a lot better. I’ve been working on a mathematical problem that is actually quite simple, until you try to build it in a database and find what people expected was a whole lot more […]

  • Out in the woods

    This evening, we drove out to a set of trees that had been decorated for Christmas. In the middle of Colorado, where houses are scarce, most of the Christmas decorations look insignificant, dwarfed by the darkness around them, but this particular thicket of trees felt very impressive. I don’t want to harp on about it, […]