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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    I wanted to go see Creed II but instead I went with a friend to the Freddie Mercury biopic. The posters for both films show a man arching his back and looking upward. I’ve yet to see Creed II to compare the content – will it also rehash the early 80s?

  • Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me

    I borrowed Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me from the library at the weekend, a book of celebrity feuds, ruminations upon the nature of the Internet, and reminiscences of the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards.

  • Peter Gabriel and Us

    This afternoon I played La Serpiente and Destroyer some Peter Gabriel. All his best tunes aren’t on Spotify but the videos are on YouTube, so they got to see the utter wierdness/dreadful early 90s CGI that accompanied Steam, along with the no-less-inspired oddness of Sledgehammer. Both my daughters were transfixed by the sights that flickered […]

  • A bit of gentle Japanese music

    Because La Serpiente is in Japanese classes at her pre-school, my wife asked the teacher to give us some of the songs that they sing, so we can sing them at home with her. A USB drive went off to school, and came back with some files, and today I got round to loading them […]

  • Eric Clapton and my daughter

    This evening I played a video on YouTube of Eric Clapton playing "Bad Love", a horrendous tune from 1990. It has Eric Clapton with floppy hair and a terrible moustache plugging away on his guitar, to a tune I never knee I hadn’t forgotten. I was driven to do this by reading today’s Scary Go […]

  • Neko Case

    Whenever I go on work trips to Bellevue, WA, and I arrive in my luxuriously appointed, yet essentially lonely, hotel room, I always listen to Neko Case singing songs about heartbreak, small town animosity, and Tacoma, which lies somewhere down the road from Seattle and is locally most famous for a paper mill and monster […]

  • A musical interlude

    Our friend Guy was in town this weekend, having flown over from San Francisco, stopping to retrieve an acquaintance from Hong Kong before flying over to us. We met him last night at a Ukulele Girls gig in the Esplanade Theatre. There are multiple places to see live music there; there’s an open air stage […]

  • Catharsis

    We got up early this morning and went to breakfast at a local cafe, where I told some people about my business plans: the 100 square feet of drywall and two sledgehammers get rich quick scheme, the giant pair of hands, and the baby weightlifting classes. And then we went home again.