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  • The Ballad Of Black Tom

    I finished The Ballad Of Black Tom this evening, after putting the kids to bed. It’s a rare Lovecraftian story that has a happy ending, and the most positive we can say of this one is that the protagonist defenestrates himself, rather than having his mind eaten by eldritch horrors.

  • Ghostbusters

    Last night I watched Ghostbusters. This was a film that generated a vast amount of furore because (spoiler alert) the principal members of the cast were all women, whereas in the original they were all men, and thus as a result everyone’s childhood was going to be ruined (thirty years later) by a remake/reboot/reimagining of […]

  • Cheated in New York

    I got up this morning after the worst night’s sleep I’ve had all week. After yesterday’s wonderful 8 hours, I was rudely awakened every hour this morning by … well, nothing much in particular. Maybe my body was stressed in advance because it knew that when I looked at the bill the hotel staff shoved […]

  • Travelling around New York

    This evening I got an UberPool to the restaurant where I was meeting my friends. I hadn’t encountered this before – with a normal Uber or UberX, where a car appears, driven by a random member of the public, and you’re then whisked to your destination. Instead, with UberPool, a car appears, driven by a […]

  • Drunk in New York

    It is always a low point in your drinking career when you’re told by somebody half your age to go home because you’ve had too much. At least now I’m older (although not much wiser) that means I’m being sent packing by 19 year olds, rather than 10 year olds, but it’s still not good.

  • Early morning pick me up

    For the first time in decades, somebody tried to pick me up. To my surprise and bemusement, this wasn’t in a club full of loud music and people shouting, but at breakfast on a Monday morning.

  • The Slow Way Into America

    The flight from Tokyo to JFK was nicely uneventful. I continued to luxuriate in my enormous blanket and pillow. On this second flight I even got one of the small economy-sized pillows as well, as if they were looking to bolster my schadenfreude. I slept for the first six hours of the flight, read a […]

  • In charge but not in control

    The first thing I did this morning was to return to the gym and get back on the treadmill. It was a horrible experience. I’d had less than six hours sleep and my body was in ruins from all the cheese I’d forced it to digest overnight. My legs, my head, my heart: none of […]

  • Running in the basement

    Today I actually made it to the hotel gym. It seems to be an unwritten law of travel for me that no matter what good intentions and however many sets of training gear I pack, I spend all my time sat at desks avoiding exercise. But today I managed to get up early enough to […]

  • Snowing in New York

    It’s snowing in New York. We had a long day of meetings in the office today, starting at 9am and finishing about 5:30, after which I staggered around for a bit and then had to call San Francisco. So when we finally left the office at 7, I wanted to go back to the hotel […]