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    Here’s some ways living in Singapore is better than Beckenham: the weather is always warm, and the public transport is super reliable. Here’s some ways living in Beckenham is better than Singapore: living in a house rather than a flat on the nth floor of an apartment block means we have great water pressure in […]

  • This didn’t happen: a short history of time wasted

    For a time, when I was bored or couldn’t sleep or had nothing better to do, I would play Solitaire on my iPod. This was a dreadful thing, in so many ways. The user interface was miserable: move virtual playing cards around an inch-high screen by rubbing your thumb in circular motions. It was boring. […]

  • Some worries on my day off

    Today I had a day off, because my enlightened employer let me have it. (There are two days holiday for Chinese New Year in Singapore, but one of them fell on a Saturday this year, and depending on who you work for, that means you miss out on a day off – unlucky for some.) […]