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  • The beat goes on

    This evening, the music started up again.

  • After effects

    Last night was less raucous than I’d feared: I was home by midnight (although that was due to taking an early retreat from the fray – I don’t know when they finished, or where) but I was still fragile until about six this evening. Hangovers are horrible at my age, even vague ones from just […]

  • Looking for the right ringtone

    This evening I read about the Reichstag fire in the London Review of Books, and otherwise lay on the sofa being idle. My wife was out at an art fair, my daughter was (mostly) asleep and I was resting in preparation for tomorrow’s early start and run around MacRitchie Reservoir. Finally, when my wife returned […]

  • Ssh now

    Fluorescent dye is hard to remove. I got up this morning to find that my face is still stained yellow, and although I’ve tried to scrub it off, I’m averse to scrubbing too hard at delicate parts of my body. Does that make me a weak person?

  • Jigger and Pony

    This evening I went for a drink after work at Jigger And Pony, a cocktail bar on Amoy Street. It was happy hour when I arrived, which meant a mixed drink would be only fifteen dollars. That isn’t the bargain it sounds like, because after you’ve had one, you’ll have another, and before you know […]