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  • Captain Marvel

    This evening, after I’d played a game of Blood Bowl in a gaming cafe, my wife and I went to see Captain Marvel, the latest Marvel superhero movie.It has Jude Law, alien shapeshifters, callbacks to other Marvel movies (in particular, Guardians of the Galaxy), confusing plot twists, and the Nineties. 

  • Hardwired

    Hardwired is a cyberpunk classic from the 1980s, from the first generation of dystopian sci-fi. Well, I suppose there’s been dystopian sci-fi from a long way back, but this was the first load of cyberpunk, a rampaging bandwagon that soon scooped up Orson Scott Card and everyone else. Hardwired is about Cowboy, a panzerboy, and […]

  • Gremlins

    Tonight, after a day of rushing to shops, trying to upgrade Tissy’s scooter with new wheels and inadvertently shearing a bolt off the axle, and then getting that fixed, and somehow managing to fit in 20 minutes at the climbing wall, we got the kids to bed, wrapped the remaining presents, and then put Gremlins […]

  • Lovecraft Country

    This week I read Lovecraft Country, a book with a Lovecraftian bent, although it was more the Lovecraft of The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward, crossed with the Horror at Red Hook, than The Call Of Cthulhu or The Colour Out Of Space. I picked it up at random from the “fresh returns” section at […]

  • Caught napping, not napping

    This morning, after an interminable night of La Serpiente tossing and turning, culminating in her sleeping on my lap on the living room couch for three hours, we went out to the Ballard Farmers Market and I bought chocolate, doughnuts, coffee and an enormous oversized sweater for La Serpiente. Then we all went home and […]

  • The Night Mayor

    A long long time ago, when I was obsessed with everything Games Workshop touched, they started commissioning novels set in their not-quite-a-rip-off-of-Tolkien fantasy universe. One of the authors they recruited was Kim Newman, the massively-mutton-chopped film reviewer, who managed to smuggle into the Warhammer milieu a pastiche of Dirty Harry and the fairly terrifying Drachenfels, […]

  • Hanggliding Over Volcanoes

    About four months ago, I gave one of my old friends a floppy disc, one of those archaic, flimsy ways to transfer data from the last century. He vanished back to the depths of Kent with it, I flew back to Singapore and didn’t hear another word from him for months. That made me sad.

  • Getting close to the end of the year

    Various unrelated things have happened in the last couple of days, although I suppose they’re related by virtue of all happening to me. Nothing is ever truly arbitrary.

  • Swings

    I didn’t sleep at all well last night, probably because of my late night phone call, so after getting five hours rest I went to work feeling a little fragile. I didn’t so much wake up this morning as feel that I was attending my own wake. This wasn’t good preparation for today, which I […]

  • All you left behind

    I realized tonight how much I miss Hong Kong; there’s a crazy buzz of energy here that I just don’t feel in the same way in Singapore. There’s also a dry stickiness in the back of my throat and my eyes are sore, but I can keep telling myself that’s symptomatic of getting up early […]