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  • Return to comedy

    After work today I went with an old friend from Hong Kong (and now a co-worker) to a comedy night in Santa Clara. Even getting there was the stuff of hilarity; there are identical Hilton Garden Inns up and down Palo Alto, and instead of being picked up outside the one I stayed in, we […]

  • Talk Cock on a Wednesday night

    Wednesday night is open mike night at Blu Jaz, the lazily titled bar-restaurant-performance space up by Little India, and since we’re in a new month, I sneaked up there this evening, while my daughter snoozed, to get my September hit of stage time nice and early.

  • Back up

    I’ve managed to perform at least once every month this year; it’s not been much, but it’s been enough to make me feel I still have a toehold in comedy. However, what with attending to our newborn and a comedy night being cancelled, I worried that July might be the month that broke me. My […]