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  • An exceedingly busy day, ending with chocolate

    It’s been a busy day. At six, La Serpiente awoke and so we gave her lots of snacks and then she and I went down to the West Coast Park for our run. My friend Gil was there with his dog, Jack, for the inaugural round of the stroller Parkrun challenge, competitors: 2. We both […]

  • Bad Dad’s Morning Run

    We’d told La Serpiente she would be coming on my run this morning, but I snoozed my six a.m. alarm and when she came in to my room and lay down next to me at 6:30, she might have said she wanted to come, but she was still fast asleep at seven when I got […]

  • A long fast day out

    This morning I ran the parkrun thirty seconds faster than last week. I’d worried after all that long, slow running that all I’d be able to do was more slow running, but I kept a fairly creditable pace: I held back on the first lap to stay at a 4 minute km, then didn’t collapse […]

  • Taking your children running

    La Serpiente didn’t sleep well last night, coming into our room several times and foraging for attention. I slept through my 6:30 alarm and panicked at 7, trying to wake her up, get her dressed and get us both out the door in time for the run. La Serpiente was not too helpful, demanding to […]