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  • An ecstasy of fumbling – Canadian edition

    I didn’t sleep much last night, partly because I was worried that I would oversleep and miss my flight, and partly because I stayed up watching the incredibly crap Day Of The Dead: Bloodline movie on Netflix (about the only virtue of that film is it’s short, and even then I gave up with an […]

  • A visit to the Consulate

    Today we went to renew Destroyer’s passport, an easier process than in the past because I’d actually read the small print on the application and realised that if I applied for my daughter’s passport, my wife could guarantee Destroyer’s identity, rather than us having to track down a doctor or lawyer who has known her […]

  • Everyone’s a blagger

    Sometimes it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that everyone’s a blagger. Even if not all people are blagging it all the time, everyone is blagging it some of the time. And this is the story of how I flew to Bali with my wife and child.

  • Bathday

    Today I bathed my daughter for the first time. Up until now we’ve been top-and-tailing her, which is the infant equivalent of a sponge bath, but today we had a visit from the midwife, and we were waiting for that. I knew I’d forget what was in our ante-natal classes, and it is always better […]

  • Goo goo goo

    I came to realize this evening that people don’t use baby talk with their children because they think it’s cute. It’s not that they don’t care about early language development, and how imperative it is for infants to hear lots of words before forming their own. It’s because having a baby turns your brain to […]

  • Trying to get in to something

    This evening I jogged over to Fort Canning with a work colleague, and then we ran up the hill there as fast as we could, as many times as we could, before jogging round Boat Quay to cool down. (We only managed to do six repeats of thirty seconds each, which is a long way […]