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  • Becoming a hipster and hammertime

    This afternoon I went to Toa Payoh and bought a scooter, for myself. Not an electric scooter. Not a Vespa. An honest-to-goodness overgrown child’s scooter, for me. This was a premeditated act of hipsterness. See also: learning to juggle, facial hair, artisanal gin, etc. It’s also a little bit scary. Compared to a bike, the […]

  • Bright

    Bright is a big budget blockbuster from Netflix, who you may vaguely remember as a company that used to mail you DVDs, then metamorphosed into a company that would let you stream movies, and then became a media producer as well as being the Blockbuster Video of the 21st century. Bright is a cop drama […]

  • Watching The President

    Today, Barack Obama drove past me. I was in San Francisco for lunch, he was in San Francisco for lunch. He was fundraising and giving a speech, I was trying to avoid dropping my grilled cheese sandwich on the top of my baby’s head. My friend and my wife were both with me; Barack had […]