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  • Trains and national character

    Today I was up in London at the office, near Warren Street tube. I had a good day, met lots of people, learned different things, and then in the evening headed down to the Tube to get back to Victoria. The train jerked to a half five seconds after it began to pull out of […]

  • Mysteries of Singapore

    Every time I’m on the MRT on the North South line, or the East West line, or the Downtown line (as popularised by the visionary Petula Clark in the 1960s) I hear a recorded message warning me that skating is prohibited in the station. (I don’t hear it when I’m on the Circle line, which […]

  • Squashed in Singapore

    Today I went to my Spanish class, where we mostly discussed illnesses. There was a listening exercise where various people went to a doctor, with ailments ranging from gastroenteritis to full-blown depression, and in each case the prescription seemed to be to drink some mineral water and have a few ibuprofen. So it’s good to […]

  • Of babies, and saliva

    Today was the third and final day of the Singapore Baby Expo, so we went down to take a look at all the baby related paraphernalia available. The Singapore Expo is like a sanitized version of Dante’s hell, but instead of circles filled with sinners there are aircraft-hangar sized spaces full of people having shouting […]