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  • A series of meals and drinks

    Tonight we had a dinner for the team leads at the office; today we also had our Analytics team lunch. For our team lunch, we had organised nothing so we went to a nearby food court, and each of us bought a different meal. There was Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and Indian: a veritable smorgasbord of […]

  • Bearded

    At Miami, as at so many international airports in the US, there’s a rather shambolic welcome to the country to all us damned furriners. I realized, standing in the long queue for immigration that snaked around the hall, that if you looked back the way you had come, there was a sign welcoming you to […]

  • Lifestyle guidance from the 1980s

    Apparently, my life is not yet full enough of things to do, so this afternoon I posted on Facebook the following status: Ask me any question you like, and I will attempt to answer, using only the lyrics from Pet Shop Boys songs And then I waited to see what would happen next.