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  • Track & Field, 2018

    I literally can’t remember the last time I went for a run. I know I took part in a race in 2017, because I won a 10k in Myanmar, and I ran an 800m at Toa Payoh Stadium at some point that year, and I must have run a couple of times this year, but […]

  • Mislaid

    At a bit of a loss at what to do, I read an issue of the London Review of Books and a review of Nell Zink’s most recent books, Nicotine and Private Novelist, piqued my interest. Her first two books, Mislaid and The Wallcreeper, are on sale as a package on Amazon, so I downloaded […]

  • Bagan Temple Marathon (10k) 2017

    Cruelly, after our plane was delayed and we missed the pasta party in Bagan (which apparently, due to a downpour, was actually a soup party), the race start was scheduled for 6:15am, which meant there would be a coach leaving from our hotel at 5:15, which meant we had to get up at 4:30 for […]

  • ASICS Relay 2017

    A month or two ago, I signed up as part of a team to run the ASICS Relay in Singapore. I like relay races because they usually mean a much shorter distance, so the ratio of fun to pain is better, and it’s more exciting and more communal an experience than just a bunch of […]

  • Akira Road Relay 2017

    Just as for the last three years, this afternoon I headed off to Bedok Reservoir for a 3.8km relay race, organised in fairly shambolic, yet very bureaucratic fashion. This time around I brought wife and kids (last year they stayed at home, and previously La Serpiente had accompanied me). Bedok is quite far out (in […]

  • The Sellout

    Tonight I finished The Sellout, last year’s Booker prizewinner, and as demented a book as I’ve read this year. I’m not sure what to make of it; is it this decade’s A Confederacy of Dunces ? (Without a dead author, that is.) I’m not even sure if, on some level, I really know what it’s […]

  • Taking Bronze at the Singapore Masters’

    Every year the Singapore Masters Athletic club organises a track and field competition, and today I took part in the 800 metres. Lining up, I saw that there were only two other people in my age class: did that guarantee I would get on the podium?

  • Another run around the reservoir

    I almost didn’t make it to the race today. I’d called for a taxi with plenty of time to spare, but when I got in the driver denied all knowledge of our destination. “Bedok” I said. “Where?” “Bedok” I said again. “You show me?” I’m not driving a taxi, and Bedok is well known around […]

  • The Great Relay

    A few months ago I signed up for a 100 kilometre relay race. I asked my wife if that was ok, and she couldn’t see any problem, because (a) we hadn’t realized that it was a 100 kilometres and (b) we weren’t paying attention to the calendar, otherwise we’d have realized how perilously close to […]

  • Akira Road Race Relay

    Today was the day of the Akira Road Race Relay. This is a yearly event run in the park around Bedok Reservoir, and gets its name from the sponsors, a Singaporean manufacturer of electric goods such as toaster ovens, blenders, rice cookers, steamboat dishes, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, etc etc, ad infinitum. That means that […]