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  • A night at the races

    After Spanish tonight, I bumbled around until I found a taxi, then rushed home to eat a smoked cheese sandwich. (If you had an organic smoked low fat cheese sandwich, would it taste good and not kill you, or would it just have all the joy squeezed out of it?) I was rushing home not […]

  • Personal Best

    As usual, to prepare for the run this morning we stayed up until midnight, and then at 5am our daughter woke up and started yelling, so I didn’t have the best of rests beforehand. Then I had the bright idea of wearing my 2XU compression socks, which are so tight I risked getting a hernia […]

  • Sundown 2013

    I think the course this year was tougher than in 2012, although that may have been because I was more familiar with Singapore this time round. Last year, running through the anonymous and mysterious building site that would become the Gardens By The Bay, I had little idea of where I was and how far […]