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  • Thin Air

    Thin Air was Richard K Morgan’s return to science fiction, after his fantasy Land Fit For Heroes series, which I could never get into. It’s another scifi noir (see also: Altered Carbon) but without people about to upload their consciousness into USB sticks, and set on Mars.

  • Voice Of The Whirlwind

    Voice Of The Whirlwind feels like it should be subtitled “the book that Richard K Morgan was trying to write”. It’s a mystery to me why Altered Carbon has got so much love of late (including a Netflix adaptation) and there’s been no mention of this book by Walter Jon Williams. The similarities keep on […]

  • Altered Carbon – Season 1

    Altered Carbon – Season 1

    We finished watching Altered Carbon on Netflix a few days ago, which has given time for it to sink in and for me to ruminate some on what I’ve seen, what I liked, and what I didn’t like. In discussing how the TV series is different to the book it was adapted from, it’s impossible […]

  • Altered Carbon – the TV series

    Last night we watched the first episode of Altered Carbon. Netflix have released all ten episodes at once so we could have binge watched, but I had to be helping at a race this morning so staying up until 7am wasn’t going to be a good move. Instead, I watched the first episode, spent some […]

  • On my head

    Today I went to work in a 23 year old Motorhead tshirt and a pair of shorts, forgetting I had to go out for a client meeting today. In fact, a meeting at my old employer’s office, where I used to be suited and booted every day, and instead arrived looking like a badly dressed […]