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  • I left my liver in San Francisco

    I went to a party last night in San Francisco, but like a complete rookie I’d forgotten to eat beforehand, and in fact I hadn’t eaten since lunch, and I was jetlagged to hell, so at 10pm I was already nodding off in the back seat of an Uber. Today I woke up, ready to […]

  • Dogpatch Boulders

    I intended to get up at six this morning and go to Dogpatch for some bouldering. I didn’t. I woke up at 4am, realised I was never going to go back to sleep, and, after calling my wife and kids, went to Dogpatch for some bouldering.

  • A hot start to a cold wet day

    I woke up at just before 5 this morning, went down to the lobby to call my wife, then took a Lyft over to Corepower Yoga, a studio on Fremont Street, about ten minutes’ drive from Union Square. A hot yoga session had been organised for keen conference participants, and as I wasn’t going to […]

  • Things I Saw In San Francisco

    This morning before breakfast I went for a walk, on an unsuccessful trip to buy my father Cremo body wash. On my walk I saw: A man stripped to the waist, running sprints of ten metres or so, and then stopping to spray his face with one of those bottles of water you use to […]

  • Karaoke in San Francisco

    On my last night in San Francisco, I went out to a pizza restaurant with my immediate team; Delarosa is a mostly orange pizzeria near Market Street, where the only meat on pizza is pig-based, although that’s of little concern to me directly, and the crusts are just slightly thicker than I like (using Tokyo’s […]

  • Awaiting takeoff

    I woke up this morning feeling rotten, and schlepped to the office for a meeting, before going back to the hotel to grab my bags and head to the airport. I resolved that I would eat as much as I possibly could before I boarded the plane; due to some screwup, I couldn’t request a […]

  • Out among the redwoods

    We got out of town today, up to Muir Woods, a national monument. (Which in this case seems to mean it’s got park rangers, but it isn’t big enough to be a national park.) Muir Woods was protected by the work and legislation of Theodore Roosevelt, a man who enjoyed hunting animals, so cynically I […]

  • Things To See And Do In San Francisco

    Today I took my wife and child to the Betabrand shop on Valencia, where we had a charming photo taken with Santa The Hutt. Betabrand is a clothing startup that uses the internet to sell you things like horizontal corduroy trousers and hoodies that have been designed using military technology. It’s an interesting collision of […]

  • Watching The President

    Today, Barack Obama drove past me. I was in San Francisco for lunch, he was in San Francisco for lunch. He was fundraising and giving a speech, I was trying to avoid dropping my grilled cheese sandwich on the top of my baby’s head. My friend and my wife were both with me; Barack had […]

  • A full blast

    We got up early today and had breakfast at an artisanal chocolate factory on Valencia Street. Ok, we had chocolate for breakfast. We’re adults, these are life decisions we’re (mostly) capable of. We were preparing ourselves, girding our loins as it were, for brunch.