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  • Life is a beach, whether you like it or not

    Let’s get this out of the way: I can’t stand beaches. I don’t know if that’s because I grew up in England, where we don’t have beaches, redolent of golden sand and happiness. We have ‘the seaside’ where you go to get lashed with salty gales and sit in a car drinking from a thermos…

  • Life’s a beach

    After happily sleeping for twelve hours on Friday night, it was almost inevitable that we’d get no sleep on Saturday night, and so I felt like death today. I took a nap and woke unable to tell if I was tired or just paralysed, and then we went to the beach at Sentosa to see…

  • Firsts

    Felicity had her first visit to a beach today, outside San Francisco on the way to Palo Alto. It was a glorious day, with not a cloud in the sky, crowds of surfers bobbing up and down in the waves like neoprene-wrapped seals. Felicity wore her best lilac dress and was full of good cheer.