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  • The consolations of violence

    This morning I took the girls to school, and on the way: we argued about how many dogs we’d seen Destroyer picked up a catkin and gave it to me to take to work we got all the way to school without drama, and then Destroyer’s face fell, her mouth turned to an upturned crescent […]

  • Easy Tuesday

    Yesterday was a real palaver; La Serpiente gave us the real runaround and ended up being rushed off to school late, badly fed, teeth unbrushed, everyone cross at everyone else. Today she had a good sleep and woke about 7:15, and we were all copacetic. So much so that even though we had one of […]

  • Minor struggles

    I really struggled with not eating sugary things today. I’m not sure why. Was it because I was extra hungry after yesterday’s track session? Was it because all my colleagues were eating ice cream sandwiches in front of me? These are mysteries we may never get to solve.

  • Avoiding responsibilities

    I had forgotten that La Serpiente’s school was closed for the half term break, so when I prised myself off her floor at 7:45 I immediately panicked about needing to get washed, dressed and fed before sprinting out the door with her at 8:15. My wife saw me rush around in scatter-brained, eyes-wide-shut mode for […]

  • Feeding the Beast

    La Serpiente continues her happy-one-day, sad-the-next journeys to school. Today she was in tears because we took the A lift to the ground floor, rather than the B lift (for unfathomable reasons, the B lift is her favourite and the A a very poor substitute) and the forlornly walked to the bus stop, complaining constantly […]

  • A dirty great trip to school

    Today I had a phone call with Tokyo at eight in the morning, and as it’s Friday it’s also my turn to take La Serpiente to school, for nine. Now, if I were both super organised and super lucky, I would conclude my call at 8:30, scoop her up from the living room floor at […]

  • Home again

    Going to school was the worst part. La Serpiente had woken me early in the morning, coming into my room distressed and lying on top of me, stretching herself out along my entire torso. I would have let it lie, but a glance at my phone told me it was 3am and not 6am, and […]

  • 45 minutes here and there

    Today was La Serpiente’s first day back at school after her bout of food poisoning. The haze has cleared, so instead of having to put her in a taxi I stuck her on my shoulders and carried her down to the bus stop, and then had to juggle two year old, two year old’s backpack, […]