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  • Deep State

    Deep State is the second Dagmar Shaw novel. It’s a sequel to This Is Not A Game, a feverish near-future novel by Walter Jon Williams that had a convincing, frantic first third through Jakarta. Deep State is set in Turkey, and perhaps because I’ve never been there, but I have been to Indonesia several times, […]

  • The Talon Of Horus

    As is normal on Sundays, I got woke up by La Serpiente refusing to sleep in and had to take her out for pancakes to prevent the maelstrom that would ensue if she woke her sister up by banging around the apartment. And then when I got back, I read another Games Workshop novel about […]

  • Voice Of The Whirlwind

    Voice Of The Whirlwind feels like it should be subtitled “the book that Richard K Morgan was trying to write”. It’s a mystery to me why Altered Carbon has got so much love of late (including a Netflix adaptation) and there’s been no mention of this book by Walter Jon Williams. The similarities keep on […]

  • Hardwired

    Hardwired is a cyberpunk classic from the 1980s, from the first generation of dystopian sci-fi. Well, I suppose there’s been dystopian sci-fi from a long way back, but this was the first load of cyberpunk, a rampaging bandwagon that soon scooped up Orson Scott Card and everyone else. Hardwired is about Cowboy, a panzerboy, and […]

  • Altered Carbon – Season 1

    Altered Carbon – Season 1

    We finished watching Altered Carbon on Netflix a few days ago, which has given time for it to sink in and for me to ruminate some on what I’ve seen, what I liked, and what I didn’t like. In discussing how the TV series is different to the book it was adapted from, it’s impossible […]

  • Altered Carbon – the TV series

    Last night we watched the first episode of Altered Carbon. Netflix have released all ten episodes at once so we could have binge watched, but I had to be helping at a race this morning so staying up until 7am wasn’t going to be a good move. Instead, I watched the first episode, spent some […]

  • Alien: Covenant

    Last night I sneaked out to watch Alien: Covenant, the nth Alien film. (Seriously, I’ve lost track how many there are now. Do you count the Alien Vs Predator films, or are they just too embarrassing? Does Prometheus count? Was there a film after Alien 3, or did I just imagine that?) This time around, […]

  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

    We loved Guardians Of The Galaxy when it came out in 2014 so I was a bit worried that the sequel would be a disappointment. And indeed, some of the best jokes are given away in the trailer (Drax’s interactions with Mantis the empath in particular). The second film is a bit grumpier, less of […]

  • The Churn

    I really do seem to be going through a lot of books at the moment. This is what happens when you aren’t training for a marathon and the kids are fairly docile: there’s lots of extra time. I’m halfway through The Dirtiest Race In History, an account of the 1988 100 metres at the Seoul […]

  • Abaddon’s Gate

    This morning, about 1 o’clock, I finished reading Abaddon’s Gate, the third book in The Expanse series. (Until I just checked on Google, I didn’t realise Abaddon was the Angel of Death in the Book of Revelation – I thought he was a character from Warhammer 40,000 most famous for the fact that the arms […]