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  • A quick drink

    Tonight I went out for a few drinks. La Serpiente and Destroyer were screaming, but we had a babysitter and no guilt, so after an hour of La Serpiente mucking about, I hightailed it to Potatohead and drank a ridiculous gin-and -ginger beer cocktail, then drank beers and gin until almost midnight, when I had […]

  • Drunk, too drunk

    Tonight was lads night out, which started about 6pm in the office. I was slow to the party, as I was in meetings until 6:30, and I had a certain trepidation about getting wrecked – hangovers, though never enjoyable, are prohibitively painful with a child involved. We went over to Somerset and drank at KPO, […]

  • Poor preparation, patties

    This evening I went for a three kilometer run, which was quite possibly a bad idea, after spending the previous hour hunched over a computer, debugging code, and the time before that either hunched over the bathtub, washing La Serpiente Negra, or stuffing Jamaican patties into myself. (After much begging, I finally prevailed on my […]