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  • Kallang Practice Track and other discoveries

    This evening, after getting the battery in my Garmin heart rate strap replaced (my handy optician is back from his holidays, and was sufficently un-cack-handed to be capable of unscrewing the back of the monitor and replacing the battery) I went off to the track at Kallang. This has been operational for a while now, […]

  • No shit

    Walking back from our last pre-childbirth breakfast at Ronin, we passed this sign in the alleyway. It’s an interesting mixture of the formal (urinate) and the profane (shit) as well as a mixture of English, Chinese and low-quality clip art images of dogs. It’s also quite polite; I’m always glad when a sign says "please". […]

  • Lopsided

    We were woken by our daughter at 4:30am, with a quick yelp and nothing more. We couldn’t get back to sleep, so the day was always going to be a confusing one, fogged by sleep deprivation. I went out to the green screen studio for ten o’clock, but there was a heavy duty drilling renovation […]