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  • Mysteries of Singapore

    Every time I’m on the MRT on the North South line, or the East West line, or the Downtown line (as popularised by the visionary Petula Clark in the 1960s) I hear a recorded message warning me that skating is prohibited in the station. (I don’t hear it when I’m on the Circle line, which […]

  • Do Not Cross

    Good user interfaces make me happy, and bad ones make me sad, bad documentation makes me gloomier, and contradictory signage is one of those things that sucks joy out of me and replaces it with vague rage. Take this notice, attached to every traffic light pole I’ve stood next to while waiting for the lights […]

  • How long till Chrismas?

    I awoke at five this morning, my left arm completely numb from where I’d lain on it all night. I was filled with utter terror at the thought I might never recover feeling in the limb. Late at night or early in the morning come deep and existential fears to haunt us. For me, it […]