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  • I hate databases

    Today, I had further distractions in the shape of database functions. Every database is different, and each has their adherents. Often these are people who know no better, because that’s all they’ve ever used, but we must not forget the counterpoint to that, the forlorn Database Administrator’s Lament: "I prefer beauty, but I’ve only ever […]

  • Salad and SQL

    This afternoon, my manager asked me what I would do, if I had to make a choice between salad and SQL. This is obviously a difficult question to answer, given that one option is a (nominally) healthy choice of food, and the other is a set of imperatives, used to manipulate things in a database.

  • Using a window function in SQL to find the shortest viable data period for multiple items

    I have a large table of data, and the important columns for me are the clickdate, productid and clickcost columns. The cost represents how much I’ve spent on marketing the product. I want to look at every product once it’s had a cost of at least $50. (Before then, there’s not enough data for me […]