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  • Car rental at Lisbon Airport

    We arrived in Lisbon at about 2:30, and got away at about 6. In between, we waited in a queue for our car rental, along with half the rest of the world.

  • Kennedy For The Defence

    As holiday reading goes, George V Higgins may not be everyone’s first choice. When you’re sitting on the beach, do you want to read about rainy Boston and a succession of people swearing at one another and about one another? Well, it turns out I do, so Kennedy For The Defence, a book that feels […]

  • A new t-shirt

    Today I was given a new t-shirt by El Capitan, the leader of our pub quiz team. It has a swear word on the front of it, which I won’t quote, because my mother reads this, and which I possibly won’t be able to wear outside, in case I get arrested for being a public […]