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  • There and back again

    La Serpiente was a little bit hard to rouse this morning, but instead of a fight about cereal we went out and got something to eat at the local Starbucks, before a disappointing Mr Donut doughnut, and a more disappointing park in Songshan (a scrubby bit of grass and some old railway carriage). There are […]

  • Surviving a weekend in Taipei

    In hindsight, the trip to Taipei 101 was overambitious; desperate to show La Serpiente the high points of Taipei, I overlooked the possibility that she’d freak out when it came to looking down from the 89th floor. I had to placate her with Hello Kitty based paraphernalia from the gift shop, then beat a retreat […]

  • A morning above Taipei

    I like the hotel we’re in, the Wonstar, a strange place nestled above a Family Mart near Songshan station, but the room is windowless. That meant we had twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep in pitch black darkness, but there was no way to figure out the weather outside. And don’t for a moment think of […]