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  • Big Trouble Getting To Little China

    This afternoon we decided to visit Little Guilin, a picturesque little corner of Singapore, named after a mountainous region of China. We would have gone this morning, but we had urgent scrambled-egg-eating duties to attend to, along with a quick visit to the shopping mall to buy an signal booster for our broadband router. (The…

  • Football Tuesday

    Today started grey. We walked out onto a slightly chillier street than yesterday, and went straight to Top Pot, where I’m happy to report fresh doughnuts taste a lot better than the late afternoon ones we suffered last week. With plenty of fat and coffee inside us, we trooped down to Yesler Street, where we…

  • An afternoon out

    Most weekends in Singapore, I don’t really do much, apart from sleep, to recover from the week. That’s not very satisfying, so today I forced myself to get off the sofa and go outside.