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  • Rogue Male

    One of the books on my list to read this year was Rogue Male, a book I spied in the Picadilly branch of Waterstones when we were in London in December.

  • Orphan X

    Of the three books we purchased last Friday on the way to Hong Kong, Orphan X was most clearly an airport novel. Big enough to last for a long flight, but devoid of any taxing detail or subtext to grapple with when you’re on holiday. It didn’t disappoint, which is to say it was disappointing, […]

  • Underground Airlines

    As well as Sarong Party Girls, I bought Underground Airlines last week, and what better place to read it than on a plane, while growing peevish that the in-flight entertainment system was crashing every ten minutes? Underground Airlines is a pun on the Underground Railway, which is something I’d never heard of until a few […]

  • Parker, and seeking definition

    This evening, reading The Hunter by Donald Westlake (masquerading as Richard Stark) I got all confused about the eye colour of Parker, the protagonist of the story.