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  • Life on planes

    When I boarded UA1 in San Francisco, I was so tired that, despite my best efforts, I soon fell asleep, waking later with a sore neck to find I’d folded forwards like a prawn and drooled into my t-shirt. I did at least have he window seat in a bulkhead row, but there’s not enough […]

  • Lisbon

    This morning we put the kids in the car and drove to Lisbon, heading to the aquarium. When visiting aquariums, you usually want to arrive as early as possible, before a crowd of people collects in front of every window. So we were scheduled to arrive at 9:55, 5 minutes before it opened. We arrived […]

  • Broccoli, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat – just another track session

    This evening I went to the track, and didn’t fall in the toilet. Perhaps it’s a sign of how low my expectations are that this counts as something to celebrate.

  • Deposits

    My wife took the girls to the beach today, where Destroyer spent the afternoon pouring sand on her head, and they enjoyed that so much that they didn’t get home until 7:30, to find me recovering from a marathon. A marathon of playing computer games. My wife deposited the kids with me, and then fled […]

  • Coffee in California

    After all my hotel silliness last night, I woke up at 5:30 this morning, a rank injustice after taking so long to get a bed. I could have at least got more than five hours" sleep, watched over by the Beatles.

  • Following Orders

    [Warning: contains scenes of a scatological nature] Today La Serpiente woke up at 7:30 and made clear her demands: she wanted to go to have a croissant at the French bakery in Tiong Bahru, then eggs at Ronin, then go to a park. Normally on a Sunday morning I’d be a mortal wreck, or out […]

  • Toes, toilets and traditions

    Today we had a wedding to go to in the Renaissance Hotel in Hong Kong, and as is traditional for my wife and I, one of us has to arrive with a broken toe. Last time around it was my wife, leaping across the living room in a misguided attempt to stop me putting Marmite […]

  • Waking up in Tokyo: bathroom disappointment

    Sensibly, I gave up on trying to function by about 9:30 last night, when it was abundantly clear even to me that I couldn’t type (what seemed to be appearing was the stream of consciousness of somebody who wasn’t conscious, which isn’t a good combination). Reading that back now, I think I was trying to […]

  • Return to the Walrus of Horniman

    After visiting the Walrus of Horniman in August, it was clearly high time to return in December for another showing. And by "showing", I mean "showing my daughters to the walrus by holding them up to its face in some strange ritual of large-aquatic-mammal-worship". Heaven knows what the staff make of a bearded man holding […]

  • Business class toilets and other flying trivia

    At Changi, I made sure I was first in line when the security check at the gate opened, and by some minor miracle there was no question about the travel cot, despite all the pieces of it that resemble hitting sticks. When it came to boarding, I somehow sneaked past most of the priority boarders […]