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  • Getting out of Manila

    I have a 10:30pm flight. I finished my presentations at 5, and at 5:30 we went out for a quick spot of dinner. Today is a Friday, and it’s also pay day in Manila, and it’s raining. So when I try to get a Grab to the airport at 6:30, I don’t have any success. […]

  • Bad salad

    I should never have had the salad. This afternoon I had a meeting in a shared workspace above a nearly empty shopping mall. It felt like a companion piece to Terminal 4 at Changi; both desolate places, devoid of human life. The meeting went well though, and afterwards I paused for a meal with a […]

  • To Bedok with motorcycle

    Tonight we had a team dinner at Aloha Loyang, a complex of chalets up on the north east coast of Singapore, near Pasir Ris. There was a large barbecue that kept pumping out heat and cooked meat all evening, until about 8:30 when people got ready to leave. I was equivocating between taking a minibus […]

  • Some worries on my day off

    Today I had a day off, because my enlightened employer let me have it. (There are two days holiday for Chinese New Year in Singapore, but one of them fell on a Saturday this year, and depending on who you work for, that means you miss out on a day off – unlucky for some.) […]