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  • Thoughts on Global Entry

    I flew into Seattle today and tried out my Global Entry status for the first time. This was always going to be better than the alternative (queue for a very long time until a grumpy man who is perpetually surprised by foreigners demands to see your papers) but I was curious to see how slick […]

  • Global Entry – Hardest interview of my life

    If you apply for Global Entry to the US, you first submit a long list of things like your passport, driving licence, all the countries you’ve visited in the last five years, all the jobs you’ve had and all the places you’ve lived. Then you wait for a time, and (hopefully) get notified that you’ve […]

  • Well travelled

    I’m applying for Global Entry, to make it easier to get through queues at American airports, even though I find the concept of throwing money at problems like this somewhat objectionable. (I tend to think airport immigration should be uniformly inconvenient for everyone (except kids and the elderly and handicapped; they have a greater claim […]

  • Paying to get into America

    Today I filled in an ESTA application form online. Every two years or so I go through this rigmarole; until about 2009, the visa waiver agreement between the UK and the US meant that you just ticked some boxes on a green form before you disembarked in the States, saying you weren’t a terrorist or […]

  • Confounded, Dallas Fort Worth

    America seems obsessed with confounding expectations. When I arrived in Dallas, I sprinted through endless corridors, trying to beat the rush to a bank of customs officials, all wearing Stetsons and hating foreigners. Instead, I had a friendly chap process me without any fuss, not a single remark about beards, no angrily correcting me for […]

  • Bearded

    At Miami, as at so many international airports in the US, there’s a rather shambolic welcome to the country to all us damned furriners. I realized, standing in the long queue for immigration that snaked around the hall, that if you looked back the way you had come, there was a sign welcoming you to […]

  • Thanks

    Today I had my first American Thanksgiving meal, which unfortunately was 17 years late, as I gave up eating meat on the first of January, 1997, and therefore couldn’t have any of this delicious turkey.