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  • Don’t hit children

    This waa the fourth morning of putting La Serpiente on the school bus, and as with the last three days, she found ways to make us panic. This time, it was by waking up at 12:30 last night and taking an hour to put back down (every time I got up to leave her bedside […]

  • Kingsman

    This evening we went to see Kingsman, the latest collaboration between Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn. Just like Kick-Ass, there’s hyper-violent scenes played a bit too much for humourous effect. My wife laughed uproariously throughout these, which makes me a little bit concerned. Because I don’t like people making noise when I’m watching films in […]

  • Re-Gooned

    I came home and cooked dinner while talking to my daughter on Skype. She yelled at me and waved and then tried to eat my face through the screen of the iPad, perhaps trying to tell me that I should have added more vegetables to my dinner than just a few spears of asparagus. With […]

  • Violence in hotels

    I get a regular hospitality industry newsletter, and sometimes the articles are depressingly obvious: small hotels can differentiate themselves from big chains by concentrating on making their customers happy, sometimes advertising on the internet is a waste of money and sometimes it isn’t, and so on. But other times there’s strange gems to be gleaned. […]