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  • Double Eagle

    Last weekend Games Workshop rereleased Aeronautica Imperialias, their fighter combat game, and to persuade people to buy it they also reissued Dan Abnett’s novel about fighter pilots in the grimdark future. To distract myself from Blood Bowl, or the fact that I was on a plane in turbulent skies, I read it.

  • Soul Hunter

    Possibly in a long game to wind up my wife, or from nostalgia for my teenage years, I read another Games Workshop novel today, Soul Hunter, which is about some renegade Space Marines (the Night Lords) who used to be led by a bloke who was literally Batman In Spaaaaace (the scary Frank Miller-era Batman, […]

  • The Grey Knights Omnibus

    I finished The Grey Knights Omnibus, a bible-sized paperback containing three different novels about the Grey Knights, the super elite daemon-hunters among the super elite super soldiers of the Imperium, that strange Gothic/Roman/whatever you want to call it background to a table top game of plastic soldiers, that has driven massive profits for Games Workshop. […]