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  • Day 1, Year 2

    Today was the first anniversary of the start of my new job, and so I got a balloon to commemorate it. (I’m also wearing the same shirt and trousers as a year ago, and the same socks – not sure about the underpants, because I haven’t been assiduously colour coding them with the rest of […]

  • A long day in California

    I got up at two o’clock this morning feeling like I had a terrible hangover. All I’d drunk last night was a single glass of wine, but I’d also turned the heater on when I got back to the hotel, and not turned it off when I went to sleep. While it didn’t do much […]

  • Jet lagged again

    I woke just before 6 this morning, went for a run and then walked to Palo Alto to pick up my ride to work. Google Maps told me the walk (2.4 miles) would take 51 minutes. Insulted by the implication around my walking speed, I set off in a sulk… and arrived 45 minutes later. […]

  • Double bedtime

    Tonight I put both children to bed; I tried to avoid it by going out to the track for a run first, but my wife had cunningly kept Destroyer and La Serpiente awake so when I got in at 8:20, they were still ready and raring to go. La Serpiente got four books before bedtime, […]

  • Half asleep in Singapore

    Predictably, after yesterday I was a complete wreck. My legs weren’t that sore (hooray for compression socks) but the rest of me was devoid of energy. Somehow I managed to transport La Serpiente to school on the bus, laden down with all her paraphernalia, and then caught another bus to the office, just avoiding getting […]

  • Leaving so soon?

    Today is my last official day with my current employer. I say last official day because I’ve had a week of holiday at the end, so instead of spending time in the office deleting emails and rearranging pencils on my desk, I’ve been living it up in the Maritimes. Although it’s been chucking it down […]

  • Back quickly

    All day long I was blowing my nose, a series of increasingly ridiculous trumpeting noises and an ever-worsening amount of snot, until at twenty past six I slunk home, too tired (after a 3:30 reveille from La Serpiente) to be able to do any more. Arriving home before 6:45 was good, because I got to […]

  • Friday malarkey

    This evening I went to the Artemis Bar, which is on the 40th floor of Capita Green, a ludicrous building with an enormous red flower sticking out of its roof, in the middle of the Central Business District. I had been tricked – my workmates had told me everyone was going to the bar at […]

  • Of snot, and misplaced priorities

    The kids are both a bit snuffly – I’m beginning to be made all gloomy by the persistent vector of sickness that is pre-school. The loveable little urchins lick a door handle or something, then go to school, then lick one another, and then my particular darling comes home and has a fever. Selfishly, this […]

  • The Surprising Bliss Of Tottenham Court Road

    Tonight I walked down to the Tottenham Court Road Tube station, which I was very impressed by. Long ago (well, a few years) Tottenham Court Road was horrendous: a series of cramped ticket barriers jammed together in a low ceilinged hall, with exits that spat you out into the miserable end of Oxford Street. Transport […]