Transports of delight

One of our friends started his new job today, and I’d volunteered to give him a lift to work. Not realising that this would mean getting up at 6:30 on a day off and driving in a rainstorm to Redmond, where I got confused by my satnav and the complex road junctions, and took him on a circuitous route that, nonetheless, got him to work on time. I drove home, took a nap and woke anew to a sunny day.
That meant that in the afternoon I could take Destroyer out for a bike ride. She was well tempered and pleasant for the whole three miles, not complaining at all about having to ride her bike, and managing every hill Seattle provided her with. Bribing her with a chocolate chip cookie probably helped too.

We rode home, I took the girls to the park to give my wife a break, and then bedtime was easy, vs last night when La Serpiente could not stay her bed for more than five minutes. Then it was time to put up our Christmas tree, play Blood Bowl and wait for the end of my 43rd year and the start of my 44th. 2020 has been … well, quite the year. Hopefully things are going to be less mentally taxing and arduous in the next 12 months.

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