Two months to go

A month ago, I wrote down some resolutions for the rest of the year: . They weren’t very complicated; to practice Spanish, to start running more regularly, and to write more. Unfortunately, life, or at least October, got in the way.

I cannot, and I will not, complain about this. If I hadn’t taken two and a half weeks to travel the world and display our child to her grandparents, then the fact that I didn’t manage to approach 50km in one week would rankle.

Spanish I crapped out on; in my first week of holiday, I used the pretty great app Babbel to practice, but when I forgot to charge my phone and had no battery for most of my time in Canada, that fell by the wayside. My last formal lesson, last week, reiterated the need for me to concentrate a bit more on some basic vocabulary and conjugations; right now, Babbel is helping me to pick up words in areas like sexuality, rural landscapes and marathon running, but I need to be able to order tapas proficiently too.

Lastly, I didn’t write as much as I intended to in October.

For November, I’m going to make up a simple chart to stick on the fridge to make sure I take notice of whether I’ve exercised, whether I’ve practiced my Spanish, and whether I’ve written or not every day. I’ve been a little remiss in not having a clear reminder of what I’m meant to be achieving, and I hope this acts to correct things.

Part of the problem is that I’m not that robust at parenting yet. We have good nights, we have less good nights where I’m lazy or in a bad mood or tired or all three, and either I don’t sleep well or she doesn’t sleep well or none of us do, and I need to get better at functioning on less sleep, and not allowing workplace stress to infect my home life. Babies, like any other dangerous animals, can detect and prey on weaknesses.

Still, with the help of some crayons, and a bit more resolve to not waste time looking on the internet for validation and hope when it’s there in the real world, I hope the next 60 days are more productive for me than the last 30.

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  1. Have you thought of giving something up? Babies, grandparent friendly as they are, suck up vast amount of your resources. As does writing. Writing is incredibly time consuming. However not writing has a much a bigger impact than not doing anything else. So for example, once upon a time, I used to speak passable French. But now I have decided to reverse learn things I don’t need to make room for things that are really good in my life.

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